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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dead, Age 50

michael jackson 1958-2009 death

One of the biggest pop icons in the world has shockingly passed away at age 50 due to cardiac arrest. Michael Jackson suffered a cardiac arrest Thursday which claimed his life. Fire officials rushed to his home after a 911 call and performed CPR on the pop star who was not breathing. Jackson was rushed over to UCLA Medical Center where he passed away.


The Los Angeles Police Department is launching an investigation into Jackson's death, the LA Times reported. Though police reportedly do not suspect homicide, they do hope to clear up what they view as some cloudy circumstances surrounding the death.

"This is an unbelievable tragedy, first of all for his family, for his devout fans, for the world of music and for the world of culture," said jazz great Herbie Hancock inn a prepared statement. "Michael was one of the most diligent creators. His passion flowed through every pore of his being. His sense of invention was unparalleled. Who else could have thought of the moonwalk and who else could have created such a unique sense of movement in dance. His contribution to music and music videos; 'Off the Wall,' 'Thriller,' 'We are the World' are expressions of his consummate talent. Above all his compassion for serving humanity and desire to uplift and encourage excellence are etched in his legacy. He changed the world."

Everyone remains shocked at the news of the major pop icon's passing. Despite numerous legal troubles and bizarre moments from the pop musician's life, Michael Jackson's music contribution to the world of pop music simply can't be ignored. After becoming successful with The Jackson Five when he was just a youngster, the talented 14-year old Michael Jackson went on to embark on a major solo career which spanned several decades. Jackson launched "Off the Wall" which sold millions of copies and had four top 10 hits, followed by the all-time great "Thriller" which has sold nearly 50 million copies in its history. It included the Jackson classics "Beat It", "Billie Jean" and of course the title track "Thriller" which also saw Jackson in a feature music video based on horror movies.

Jackson's plan for the future had been to perform in London through March 2010 during a 50-night concert engagement, expected to gross $400 million.

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