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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vibe Magazine Shuts Down

In breaking news Tuesday it was announced on website that longtime hip-hop and R&B magazine, Vibe Magazine, would be immediately shutting down production of its print magazine. The main reason for the shutdown was the company's inability to reduce its large debt down, due to a collapse in print media advertising. With auto manufacturers and other companies scaling back on their advertising costs, it's hurt TV shows, newspapers and magazines, including Vibe. Vibe's circulation had apparently fallen by about 200,000 in the past year or so. According to the NY Times, the only major hip hop magazine left in circulation now is The Source, however hip hop heads will be quick to mention XXL Magazine, another popular publication.

The website is still operational as of this writing, and includes a large tribute to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, splashed across the front page. The site also still offers a "Subscribe to Vibe" link but that is likely to change soon. It's sad to see Vibe go, but once again it's a sign of the times. These days magazines have shifted their presence more to the online realm, as they can reach more people and probably attract more advertising revenue than with printed copies in stores,

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