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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Real World Cancun's Emilee & Aiiiyah Hookup & Blowup

real world emilee aiiiya kiss cancun
(RW Cancun's Emilee & Aiiiya kiss then head to bed)

It was an emotionally-charged third episode of the Real World Cancun. There were several themes in the episode including the always popular "Boys vs. Girls", "Girl on Girl action" and "Everyone hates Aiiiyah". Did I mention each of those themes involved Aiiiyah?

There were several blowups during this episode and pretty much each one involved the internet-supplied cast member, feisty Aiiiyah. In the earliest part of the show she left a club without her 7 other roomies having any clue where she went. They spent a good 45 minutes looking for her, and finally Johnna found her. Later on, Aiiyah seemed ungrateful for her roommates seeking her out in the situation.

Things shifted gradually to more of a Aiiyah, Emilee and Jasmine clique in the house, with Johnna being shown as the guy's girl, hanging out with all the boys and being aloof from the girls. Things got hot and heavy as Emilee and Aiiiyah began to profess their "crushes" on one another. After a girls' night out, reality TV fans were treated to some girl-on-girl action. Aiiiyah and Emilee hooked up, sleeping together in the same bed, and forcing Johnna out of the room. The next day Emilee and Aiiiyah realized what they had done with no regrets, since Emilee had done it before. Aiiiyah admitted she was hesitant about it because of her trust issues.

Later still, the episode progressed to Emilee getting upset at the male roommates for 1)leaving for a night out without taking her and Jasmine, and 2)being drunken and obnoxious the next morning as the crew prepared to head off on their training for work. Emilee battled the males and Jasmine seemed to support her, but Aiiiyah said she wasn't getting involved. This set Emilee off and made her stay out of the group activities including swimming with the dolphins. Emilee later came to the guys to apologize, realizing that the problem was Aiiiyah. The girls began to realize Aiiiyah tends to want their support in an argument but doesn't offer hers back. This ultimately erupted into arguments between Jasmine and Aiiiyah and Emilee and Aiiiyah.

We saw instances of CJ, Jasmine, and Emilee all having trouble conversating with Aiiiyah. In episode 2, it was Joey spitting in Aiiiyah's tacos after she pissed him off. CJ said he just felt he didn't want to waste the time on her negativity. Jasmine walked out of the room due to Aiiiyah's issues. As the latest episode closed out, once again it was Aiiiyah in an argument with Emilee. It makes you wonder about the internet voting for cast members. You'll recall back a few seasons to when the internet-voted roomie from FL was having tons of problems getting along with his roommates. So for once, despite all the drama, fights and incidents that have gone down on the Real World, maybe the casting people get things right and the rest of us really have no clue who should be part of their cast...Then again, Aiiiyah stated in episode one she went on a massive campaign to get everyone she knew to vote for her including dogs.

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