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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Real World Cancun's Aiiiya Gives Inside Scoop

Acording to Aiiiya of MTV's 2009 Real World Cancun, the upcoming fourth episode of the show will be one of the most serious and severe in terms of drama. Apparently, Aiiiya gets into an altercation with fellow roomie CJ, and things just go south from there. In the video clip below, Christina the "boss lady" from Student City, gives some further insight on the various cast members, including her thoughts on the hookups. Aiiiya talks about her sexy hookup with Emilee Fitzpatrick from Ep 2, as well as the house hating on Aiiiya. Check it out below, hook up with Aiiiya here at Myspace, and stay tuned for Real World Cancun's next episode Thursday at 10PM EST on MTV!

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