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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hate Lyrics by Jay-Z feat. Kanye West

Welcome to the Hate lyrics by Jay-Z feat. Kanye West entry. Once again Jay-Z teams up with Roc alumni and protege, rapper/producer Kanye West. On this particular song from The Blueprint 3 the duo raps about the popular subject of haters backed by an interesting, slowed down but funky beat. Sounds a bit like something Kanye cooked up during his time recording his experimental autotune singing album 808's. Check the full lyrics for Jay-Z's Hate featuring Kanye West below.

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Hate by Jay-Z feat. Kanye West Lyrics
From: The Blueprint 3

Haters, Haters, Haters
And I made myself so easy to love
yea yea

Kanye West:
How much they hate it, very
Kiss girls like Katie Perry
I am never Sprung but I springer Jerry
Don't try this at home, results may vary
King like T.I. but in the Chi, Larry

Hoover, Hova
Botha American gangstas,
you choose who's, colder
Rappers get nasty in the booth, but I'm gross
I can't even stomach myself, ulcer
Move in cuz I'm closer
Had girlies in girdles way more than they supposed Hosa Nosa
My hustle so Russell
I stretch work- yoga
You know I got it down dog,
Al Roker I used to knock pounds off
It ain't nothin for me to knock nouns off
with these emcees prayin for my downfall
They just haters
away with you I'm so player
I never be done I'm so rare

Kanye West:
We killin the game it aint fair
You motherf----s stay right there
Cuz we too high up in the air
We blastin' off just like a laser poon poon poon
Gimme back gimme room room room
DB9 like vroom vroom vroom
Yo Hov what we doin doin doin?

We ballin' b----s
Eatin' your food leavin' dishes
Why these N---s always talkin' lead talk Ye?
Why I never see em at the clear port Ye?
Why I always hear they at the airport
While I fly daily like I'm in the Air Force
Therefore please stop talkin' my ears off
Millionaire talk, you haters
You made at me cuz you're paper
Need to get his m----f---n weight up
Wait up, I ain't done,
Name one thing that I ain't done,
It hurts when you say that I ain't the one,
You haters, how do I gain your fa-vor?
I need to know, cuz I care,
I need you to love me, I swear,
Look he-re
See Ye is
Runnin the Chi like Gayle Sayers,
I'm runnin New York,
I got the mayor on my pager
You can't fade us, you haters
I need you stay the-re
I breathe you like airr-re

Where all my haters?
I love all my haters
Love all my haters
I love all my haters
Where all my haters
Haters----yea yea

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