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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

50 Cent's Amusement

New 50 Cent song has leaked, the lead single from his album, called "Amusement Park". I submit to you this IM convo between a DJ friend and 1 of his friends:

Vega: rap has reached a new low
Vega: "shortie u dont have to take your panties off, just move em to the side / if u wanna ride on the rollercoaster, come on and take a ride"
Vega: fill in the rapper
NJA: 50 cent
Vega: oh u heard it already
NJAo: no
Vega: LOL
Vega: this s--t is awful
NJA: it's that bad

Yes it's that bad, I'm no hater, I've liked my share of watered down hip hop because it was catchy or this or that, but this song is just uninspired and lacking creativity. It seems 50 feels he can drop a new single for each album and try to make a track about ladies involving candy, amusement rides or whatever. I'm surprised Michael Jackson didn't sing the hook and make references to Neverland Ranch. With this song, in my mind and probably many many others, The Game has officially won the battle between he and G-Unit. So right this way folks, cotton candy for 50 Cents..

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