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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nick Cannon's Ambition

Gotta give Nick Cannon credit. He's still hustling and trying to get a hit show going on MTV. His latest attempt is "Short Circuitz", a sketch comedy show on MTV. It's apparent that his previous effort "Wild'n Out" just wasn't doing it. That show had it's moments, with some hot performances and a few funny lines or jokes here or there, but overall it was a very bad rip off of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" The latest show is a bit funnier, and there is one actor in particular who does some great rapper impersonations. His impersonation of Jay Z in a sketch "The Anatomy of Dr Jay" seriously had me convinced when they showed the video by itself on MTV. I was fooled and at first thought the Jay Z video looked low budget, but the beat was hot. Turned out it was a spoof, but he's dead on. He also did a sketch with various rapper impersonations such as Russell Simmons, DMX, Jay-Z, and Diddy for a cause called "RACS", Rappers Against Child Support.

So you can't blame Nick Cannon. He might not be the funniest comedian or best musician, but he keeps on.

Check out "The Anatomy of Dr Jay" YouTube video here. Nick Cannon's show airs Thursday nights on MTV, check local listings.

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