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Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Official Ghostface Doll

Official Ghostface Doll

If you're a part of the Wu, been rapping for a while, sold millions of records, had a few platinum hits, some great concert tours and clothing lines, what's the next logical step? You guessed it, you have your own action figure/doll created in your likeness. As you can see from the image above, Ghostface comes complete with red Yankees fitted baseball cap, velour robe and extra-large gold pendant/medalion around its neck. The robe is removable to reveal Ghost in a white wife-beater. It features a push button to hear recorded Ghost phrases such as "I put it in em shot up in em deadly vemon" and "Yo b--h I f---d your friend ya you stank ho". Also includes a mixtape of Ghost's greatest hits mixed by DJ Rhettmatic. You can have yours for just $500. Yes, the medalion is 14k gold.

Head over to to pick up yours today!

Or you can stay on the cheap side and pick up Ghost's new album December 4th entitled "The Big Doe Rehab".

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