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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Rapper Ringtone Era

Rapper Ringtones

An article on discusses how rap is already in the ringtone era or phase. Currently, rappers are able to make a catchy tune like "Soulja Boy Tell'em" or "Why I'm Hot" which translates into a good song for your phone to play. They even make more money in some cases off just this one song rather than album sales. Ringtones now go platinum regularly.

The reasons for this are most likely that we are in such a digital age. People are downloading music or getting it from their friends' mp3 collections. Also with mp3 vendors such as iTunes and Rhapsody music, people can buy the individual songs they want instead of a whole album. This all translates to less overall album sales. But a ringtone can sell millions of copies and it's a harder technology for most to replicate for their phones. In some cases phones are locked preventing custom MP3 or ringtones.

The article questions whether rappers should start concentrating on just releasing ringtones or still trying to put out quality albums? I'm all in favor of the latter, because a timeless album is a legacy for any rapper to have to their name. Jay-Z recently went #1 for his 10th album, tying Elvis Presley and making history. A 1 hit wonder ringtone might pale in comparison far down the road.

Billboard's Top 10 in Ringtones:

1 Soulja Boy Tell'em
Crank That (Soulja Boy)

2 Henry Mancini
Pink Panther

3 J. Holiday

4 Grupo Montez De Durango
Adios Amor Te Vas

5 DJ Khaled Featuring T-Pain, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross & Plies
I'm So Hood

6 Koji Kondo
Super Mario Brothers Theme

7 Nickelback

8 Afroman
Because I Got High

9 Plies Featuring T-Pain

10 50 Cent Featuring Olivia
Candy Shop

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