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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Odd Couple: Cee-Lo & Danger Mouse

gnarls barkley After the critically acclaimed hit album, St. Elsewhere Gnarls Barkley is back at work in the studio. The duo consisting of Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse is putting finishing touches on a new album called "Odd Couple" due out in April. They recently recorded with live musicians in Los Angeles for the on-going project.

According to's article, there is no official tracklist yet, but Cee-Lo has one song asking "Who's gonna save my soul now?"

Danger Mouse has upcoming projects he produced on by Black Keys, Martina Topley-Bird and Shortwave Set. This will be the group's sophomore release, and will be released on Downtown/Atlantic label. Many artists fall into that dreaded "sophomore slump" but you've have to believe this talented duo has more great music in store for the fans.

Gnarls Barkley Celebrity Playlist - Download on iTunes

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