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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thank You & You're Welcome Mr. West!

kanye west Kanye's upcoming book is a bit of the rapper's form of Chicken soup for the soul called "Thank You and You're Welcome". The $10 book available for pre-order on his blog will offer humor, insight and wit from the rapper. It's done in poetic, short story fashion, with large block titles on one side of the page and the insight or text offering by Kanye on the adjacent page.

Some of the items Kanye teases with on his blog are "Get Use to Getting Used", "The Missing Bannister Theory" and the book's title piece "Thank You and You're Welcome". In that excerpt, Kanye discusses the concept that some artists will agree to work with him in exchange for 'Ye doing work or production on their album. Kanye tells them he will pay them for their work with him and will discuss doing work for them when the time arrives. In essence, it's him saying "Thank you, and you're welcome". Check out more from Kanye's book at kanyeunviersitycity blog.

The question is will Kanye be saying "Thank You" to the Grammy judges on this coming weekend? Kanye is once again nominated for album of the year with his 2007 release, Graduation. USA Today has a writeup saying this should be Kanye's year. Every critic of the five shown on the article predicts it will be a Kanye victory party, finally. Unfortunately, they claim it will be due more to a "sympathy party" and the issues of Amy Winehouse with her tabloid splattered image.

Read the full USA Today article here.

You can also view "Stronger Sightings" or submit your own pics of you in Stronger glasses similar to Kanye's bear logo for the smash single.

Billboard also reports that Kanye will take part in the 7th annual Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. which also includes Pearl Jam, Metallica & Willie Nelson.

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