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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hip Hop Honeys - Tatyana Ali

tatyana ali bikini

There tends to be way too much talk these days about High School Musical star, Ashley Tisdale, so it's time to discuss yet another famous Ashley, Tatyana Ali from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Ashley was the daughter of the wealthy Phillip and Vivian Banks, and was always getting in and out of trouble thanks to her good buddy Will. Tatyana easily qualifies as one of the Hip Hop Honeys.

Tatyana has come a long way since her birth in New York. She starred on the Fresh Prince show at the very young age of 11. The show had a run of 5 seasons and Tatyana enjoyed great success on the hit show.

Here's a montage video of everyone's favorite diva from the show, Ashley Banks. You'll also hear a full length version of the theme song for the show with lyrics you may never have heard before.

You may also recall Ashley had an episode on the Fresh Prince show where she launched a singing career despite her father, Phillip Banks protesting.

And then in real life, Tatyana Ali launched her real singing career. Her debut song was called "Boy You Knock Me Out" and featured Will Smith on the rap vocals, "now she all grown up, not Ashley". The song was catchy, but according to a YouTube commentor, "this video look like they were on a budget". Ashley spoke about being signed to Michael Jackson's record label with Donny & Marie back in the day.

Her other hot song "Day Dreaming" had a beat similar to the hit Lorid Tariq & Peter Gunz song that came out quite some time ago. The duo appears in the song to guest rap for Tatyana. She had another song Everytime which features concert footage in the video.

Not only has Tatyana starred in TV and made her own music, she's been on Seasame Street with Herbie Hancock and starred in the music video for Nick Cannon and Anthony Hamilton's "Can I Live?" as Cannon's mother. So it's still nothin but love for Tatyana Ali!

So the 29 year old Tatyana hasn't quite disappeared and judging by the above pic she's looking amazing. She was on the red carpet at the 07 BET Awards She also makes a cameo in the recent all-star studded "Yes We Can" song to endorse democratic presidential hopeful, Barack Obama. Tatyana is part of the campaign trail as well, making recent appearances at a college campus and elsewhere.

View Official Website for Tatyana Ali

See lyrics for Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme.

See Tatyana's album, Everytime.

See Fresh Prince of Bel Air DVD's at!

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Blogger The Ashley Reporter said ... (2/05/2008 10:19 PM) : 

Interesting, I haven't seen you write about Ashley Tisdale at all, how can it be to much. I think you'd do well by posting a story, I could certainly help you with that.

As you know, I cover Ashley Tisdale over at

Peace Out!
~ Ash


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