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Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Music of Superbowl 42

jordin sparks alicia keys superbowl42 Looks like we won't have to worry about any sock on the arm Britney performances or Janet wardrobe malfunctions this Superbowl Sunday. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers should make for a rockin' halftime. Petty said the band had to try to pick out the best songs to fit the time in between halves, but overall the band has had a great experience so far in AZ. Hip hop diva herself, Alicia Keys will be performing pre-game. According to, Keys is honored with being able to perform at the big event:

"It feels wonderful to be in your country and representing so many groups of people, all walks of life," Keys said. "And music goes along with that, so I think for like something that I'm going to do for the pre-show, I'm just basically going to take you by your neck (grab your attention) and demand that you watch me."

The National Anthem will be sung by none other than the youngest ever American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks. Jordin is currently on the hit song "No Air" featuring Chris Brown. Sparks has NFL ties as well, as her father Phillippi is a former player for the New York Giants. So the Giants might have a bit of luck on their side after Sparks' sings.

"I'm a huge, humungous football fan. So to be able to sing at the Super Bowl and I get to be at one. I've never been to a Super Bowl before so I am just like, it's a whole bunch of firsts for me," Sparks said."

Read more about the Superbowl music here.

There will also be 37 advertisers trying to get attention with commercials during timeouts and TV breaks. The average spent on a 30 second spot was 2.7 million dollars. Ads will feature stars like Madonna, Carlos Mencia, Justin Timberlake and Will Ferrell. See a complete list of Superbowl ads from USA Today

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