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Monday, February 04, 2008

Flo Rida: From Low to High

Flo Rida concert

Pictured above: Flo Rida works the crowd at Lagoon Nightclub in Philly, on December 28, 2007.)

Flo Rida's story may sound like one many rappers can tell. He started with pretty much nothing and went all out in search of a music career. According to Chicago Sun Times' description of his story, he was so broke when he moved from Florida to Los Angeles, he was forced to live on the streets. He also once left his bag on a bench at a mall, causing commotion as police thought it may have contained a bomb. Now how's that for a rough start?

The good news is Flo Rida has now sold over 1.78 million downloads with his hit song Low. As of today, the track has spent its sixth week at #1 on Billboard's Hot 100. The song's also been one of the most popular cell phone ringtones for some time now. "Low" features vocals by the popular T-Pain and is from Flo Rida's debut album, "Mail on Sunday".

According to Chicago Sun-Times:

"Flo Rida was born Tramar Billard on Dec. 16, 1979, in Carol City, Fla. The youngest (and only boy) of seven siblings, he honed his music skills making tapes in his grandmother's and aunt's garages, and joined the four-member rap group the Groundhoggz.

''We grinded locally doing shows and mixtapes,'' Flo Rida says. ''We kept rapping together even after I graduated high school in 2001 and left for the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. But after awhile, we started shopping our demos separately because no one signed us as a group.''

Flo Rida also worked early on with famous producer Devante Swing, but couldn't land a deal with his help. It was Rick Ross' manager, E Class who runs Poe Boy label that really brought Flo to the forefront. By 2006 Flo Rida was back in Flordia and signed to Atlantic. So now Flo Rida rides high off the success of his Low making for quite a story.

Flo Rida's follow up song is called "Mail on Sunday", the title track to his album, featuring Rick Ross, Sean Kingston, Lil' Wayne, Trey Songz and Brisco.

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Special Thanks to Gabriella for the above image.

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