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Friday, December 12, 2008

Jay-Z's Rocawear Bash

Jay-Z continues to get better with age just like a fine cristal, or Grey goose. According to, Jay-Z celebrated his birthday and the holidays Thursday night while wife Beyonce was working in Paris to promote her latest release, I Am Sasha Fierce. Jay partied it up in New York at 1 Oak, where he was the only real celeb in the house for a special Rocawear party. Included in the guests were a few friends, Rocawear staff and some hot Rocawear models. There were some contestants from "I Want to Work for Diddy" in the house, but you can't call them celebs just yet.

Jay-Z turned 39 on December 4th, his official birthday and an opening track on Jay's Black Album. It's hard to believe that the greatest rapper in hip-hop today will soon be 40 and still outdoing the young cats in the game. Jay's comeback album Kingdom Come, made many think that he should be in a retirement home, but with his next album, American Gangster, Jay-Z re-established himself as one of the hottest lyricists around. The rapper/business mogul has been working on The Blueprint 3 for several months now, with tracks such as "History", "Brooklyn Go Hard" and "BK Anthem" recently appearing online, still unreleased. The scorchin-hot "Brooklyn Go Hard" is confirmed to be on the "Notorious" soundtrack. also reported about Travis Barker who did a recent remix of Jay's "Jockin' Jay-Z" track. Read the full article here at

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