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Friday, November 23, 2007

Kanye Stays Strong

Kanye West

Kanye's recent loss of his mother Donda has been tough on the rapper, but he's receiving a great outpouring of support from not just the hip hop community, but music in general. Several artists at the American Music Awards including Kid Rock and Rihanna included kind words for the rapper in their speeches. According to, Jay-Z is flying in to the United Kingdom to support his friend at a concert. 50 Cent who was "battling" Kanye for album sales months ago, also offered support in an interview with Associated Press saying, “[It’s] really an unfortunate situation and I hope he can work his way through it,” 50 said. “It's good to see him actually touring. You can work your way back into a comfortable space where you can deal with those situations.” (Source:

Kanye is currently selling his home for over 8 million dollars, as it's listed on West was also recently chosen for GQ Magazine's "Man of the Year" honorees, along with fellow rapper Lil' Wayne.

His mother's potentially guilty surgeon left the Larry King show this past week after just a few questions from King. According to the surgeon walked off the show to honor a request of the West family not to speak on this. See Donda West's Doctor, Jan Adams, Walks Off 'Larry King Live' Interview.

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