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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Casa de 50 Cent - MTV Cribs

50 Cent Connecticut home's OverDrive has video footage of Season 15 episode 7 of Cribs which features none other than 50 Cent's Crib (pictured above). The Connecticut home was bought by 50 from boxing legend and self-proclaimed maniac, Mike Tyson. It features a grand dining room, movie theater, trophy room, and an $80,000 chandelier made of crystal. There is also a priceless piece, a statue made by 50's uncle who was in a penitentiary and looks like something King Tut would own.

And here's the specs for the home:

51,567 square feet
17.6 acres
19 Bedrooms
35 Baths

50 basically hijacked an entire episode of MTV Cribs to show off his place and you can check it out at MTV Overdrive: MTV Cribs. You'll also see appearances by other guys from G-Unit, such as Tony Yayo, DJ Whoo Kid and Lloyd Banks.

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