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Monday, November 26, 2007

Jigga's Ghost & Kanye Bowls

According to, Wendy Williams is saying Jay-Z employed a ghost writer in order to get his American Gangster album finished so fast. To me the album's a great work from Jay and it has that Jay-Z feel to it. It's hard to know if he really used a ghost writer. Perhaps he had one for certain songs or verses to help out, but overall the album is strictly Jigga.

Also in recent news is Kanye West. Kanye wanted to go bowling at 1am after a show in Brighton, England, but was short on cash to get him and his entourage into a game. So the staff gave him a discount which was nice on their part considering Ye's recent hard times. Welcome to the good life...

It also had been discussed that Jay-Z was going to fly to UK to be with his pal Kanye and support him on his concert tour, but this didn't go down.

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