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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Top 20 Hip Hop Ca$h Kings

Jay-Z Rolling Stone

(Above: Jay-Z's recent Rolling Stone cover. Interview here)

Back in August Forbes put up a slideshow style list of the richest individuals in all of hip hop. The usual suspects are on the list, Jigga, 50, and Diddy.

Here's a look at the Top 20 Cash Kings in Hip Hop:

1) Jay-Z (Recent Album: American Gangster)

2) 50 Cent (Recent Album: Curtis)

3) Diddy (Recent Album: Press Play)

4) Timbaland (Recent Album: Timbaland Presents Shock Value)

5) Dr. Dre (Upcoming Album: 2001)

6) Eminem (Recent Album: Curtain Call)

7) Snoop Dogg (Recent Album: Tha Blue Carpet Treatment)

8) Kanye West (Recent Album: Graduation)

9) Pharrell Williams (Recent Album: In My Mind)

10) Scott Storch (Recent Album: N/A)

11) Ludacris (Recent Album: Release Therapy)

12) T.I. (Recent Album: T.I. vs T.I.P.)

13) Outkast, Big Boi & Andre 3000 (Recent Album: Idlewild)

14) Lil' Jon (Recent Album: Crunk Juice)

15) Ice Cube (Recent Album: Laugh Now, Cry Later)

16) Jermaine Dupri (Recent Album: Yall Know What This Is)

17) Swizz Beats (Recent Album: One Man Band Man)

18) Chamillionaire (Recent Album: Ultimate Victory)

19) The Game (Recent Album: Doctor's Advocate)

20) Yung Joc (Recent Album: New Joc City)

The above list also translated into an hour long show on E! in which they counted down and discussed each of the choices. Many of the names on the list, if not all, have deals with advertising, their own labels, products or companies, which provides a nice additional income. It's surprising to see Joc on the list rather than Jeezy or Lil Wayne. Storch is technically the only name on the list of someone who doesn't rap, but his beats are still heavily sought after by many artists in the hip hop world. Read more about the list of Hip Hop Cash Kings here.

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