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Monday, May 05, 2008

Iron Man is 2nd Best Hero

iron man movie marvel The movie Iron Man tells the tale of Tony Stark, a Marvel comic book character who is captured by the enemy during an American War. He's injured by shrapnel which threatens his life if it pierces his heart, so he and a fellow war prisoner, a scientist, develop a magnetic chest plate, and that eventually spawns the Iron Man suit. From here, Stark becomes a noble crime fighting superhero, who's also listed as one of the wealthiest fictional characters according to Forbes magazine.

Speaking of wealth, Iron Man had a huge opening this past weekend to the tune of $100 million. As expected it was the #1 film of the weekend and should be again next weekend as it races against Speed Racer. The only comic book movie to have a better opening was Iron Man's fellow Marvel hero, Spiderman. Also of interest, reports say there were "more than usual" female moviegoers for Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr., who stars as Tony Stark/Iron Man, was in attendance at Sunday's Lakers vs. Jazz NBA Playoff game in Los Angeles.

Overall, it looks to be a great summer for movies. Coming later this summer are several more action/adventure blockbusters featuring heroes. There's Indiana Jones' 4th installment, a sequel to Batman (which stars the late Heath Ledger as The Joker), a sequel to Hellboy, and a movie about a homeless superhero named Hancock, starring Will Smith.

Iron Man will definitely see it's share of sequels as well. According to the National Post the second picture could start shooting by next year, and a third in two to three years. Read more here at National Post.

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