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Monday, May 05, 2008

Common's Invincible New Album

common rapper invincible Great hip hop minds think alike. According to a recent article, rapper Common will have an "electro-tinged" feel to his next album entitled "Invincible Summer". Kanye West, his friend, producer and collaborative guest many times, first did this sorta thing on the critically-acclaimed, award winning "Graduation" album released last year. Ironically this new Common album doesn't include a single bit of Kanye on production, but instead has The Neptunes and Outkasts' producer Mr. DJ at the helm.

According to

"Kanye was focusing on his 'Glow in the Dark' show, so he hasn't been able to make it to the studio to weigh in," Common says. "But it worked out well, organically. The Neptunes & Mr. DJ came up with a fresh sound for me."

Cee-Lo and The Neptunes' pop group, Chester French, guest on the album, but Common says singer-MC Santogold is "one of my favorite artists right now" and adds that he's awaiting a verse from her for the track "Runaway," which draws its guitar riff from Pat Benatar's 'Love Is A Battlefield."

The first single is due out by the end of this month called "Universal Mind Control (U.M.C.)". It's said to be a "high-energy" track, featuring techno-inspired drums.

Here's a look at the early tracklist for Invincible:

"Universal Mind Control (U.M.C.)"
"Make My Day" feat. Cee-Lo
"Punch Love"
"What A World" feat. Chester French
"Party Shit"
"Runaway" feat. Santogold


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