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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eva Mendes has The Spirit

eva mendes in the spirit as sand saref
(Eva swoops in to seduce The Spirit)

Tis' the season for the sexy women of "The Spirit"! The new picture by Frank Miller of Sin City & 300 fame opens in theaters Christmas day 2008. It'll be competing with two juggernaut stars in Brad Pitt (Benjamin Button) & Will Smith (Seven Pounds) on the same day, but the femme fatales just might take this one. During a recent interview on Regis & Kelly, actress Eva Mendes even mentioned she plans to buy herself a ticket to her own movie, Christmas day. Bet that theater does some business..

The Spirit's plot centers around a dead rookie cop, Denny Colt, who comes back from the dead as a masked superhero (played by Gabriel Macht) to fight crime in Central City. His nemesis is the "Octopus" played by Samuel L. Jackson, as well as a bevy of beauties who stand in his path as well. Included in these powerful female adversaries are Eva Mendes as "Sand Saref", Scarlett Johansson as "Silken Floss", and Jamie King as "Lorelei Rox". According to Mendes her character Sand Saref is a tough woman who's had 14 husbands, all who have wound up dead...some by accident, and some not so accidentally. Saref is also the only woman capable of breaking the Spirit's heart.

the spirit movie posters scarlett eva jamie king

The film will feature a look and feel very similar to Sin City. The gritty black, white and grey with splashes of color here or there and a dramatic on-screen comic book translation unlike any other superhero flicks you've seen. That's not to say this is going to outdo the Dark Knight or Batman by any stretch of the imagination, but between the sultry, seductive female villains and the visual atmosphere of the movie itself, it may be well worth the price of admission.

See the trailers for The Spirit here at or alternately here at

True HD version of the original trailer at YouTube.

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