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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Deceased Entertainers of 2008

bernie mac comedian
(Original King of Comedy, Bernie Mac, 10/5/57 - 8/9/08)

The past year saw many entertainment legends and stars pass away. Several went before their time, although it's hard to say when anyone's time really is. Notably, Heath Ledger and Bernie Mac passed away, both with continuing careers in entertainment. Ledger, who was just shy of 30, has what many say could win him a posthumous Oscar for his role as "The Joker" in "The Dark Knight". Bernie Mac the legendary comedian ("The Original Kings of Comedy" tour) and actor who appeared in hit films such as Transformers, Bad Santa and the very popular Oceans series was just 51 years of age.

The music world lost several talents as well including Bo Diddly, a member of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, and Isaac Hayes who did the Shaft theme. In what could be called an eerily strange day of death, former actress, singer and cabaret star, Eartha Kitt, passed away on Christmas day. While she played Catwoman on the old Batman TV series, she may be most famous for her Christmas song "Santa Baby".

Add to that the legendary celebrity talent listed below, and 2008 took away some of the world's greatest entertainers and artists. Click the Wikipedia bio links below any name to get more info from their biography at

George Carlin (5/12/37 - 6/22/08)
(Wikipedia bio)

Michael Crichton (10/23/42 - 11/4/08)
(Wikipedia bio)

Bo Diddley (12/30/28 - 6/2/08)
(Wikipedia bio)

Estelle Getty - (7/25/23 - 7/22/08)
Golden Girls/Empty Nest TV
(Wikipedia bio)

Earle Hagen - (7/9/19 - 5/26/08)
Andy Griffith / I Spy themes
(Wikipedia bio)

Isaac Hayes (8/20/42 - 8/10/08)
(Wikipedia bio)

Charlton Heston (10/4/23 - 4/5/08)
(Wikipedia bio)

Ertha Kitt (1/17/27-12/25/08)
(Wikipedia bio)

Heath Ledger (4/4/79 - 1/22/08)
(Wikipedia bio)

Bernie Mac (10/5/57 - 8/9/08)
(Wikipedia bio)

Dick Martin (1/30/22 - 5/24/08)
Laugh-In TV comedian/actor
(Wikipedia bio)

Paul Newman (1/26/25 - 9/26/08)
(Wikipedia bio)

Bettie Page (4/22/23 - 12/11/08)
American model
(Wikipedia bio)

Sydney Pollack (7/1/34 - 5/26/08)
(Wikipedia bio)

Levi Stubbs (6/6/36-10/17/08)
The Four Tops
(Wikipedia bio)

Rest in peace to all those legends taken from us in 2008, as their works will continue to live on and entertain many throughout the ages.

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